Air Dust Hemp Dusk

I cannot hear what you are trying to say. I can. But I don't. The grip is real. Cannot ask you to repeat. I nod my head smiling, pretending. Is the sun gone? or the love. The air here is blue, shiny. hemp silky and dusk cloudy. dust clouds my ether. blood clots lips. repeat … Continue reading Air Dust Hemp Dusk


The Alien And Cigarettes!

"I've got an ache now and you always insist on sitting here", Cherong cried."Haha! I wish your problems were as tiny as me, what can my feathery weight possibly do to your shoulder ", Verox smiled while he smoked. Cherong wondered what an alien cigarette would taste like.He wanted to ask, but he already knew Verox could listen.Even … Continue reading The Alien And Cigarettes!

मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ?

हात हेर्ने बाबा , माडेर गरे सफा हात को रेखा देखाए, बाबा परेछ हावा|   कुर्कुचाको डल्लो मुनी , मासुको मुसा मुख चोसो बहुनको , नाक होकि केराको कोसा |   मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ठुलो रेखा र भाग्यको कुरो, छेउ मै बसी गोरि, मोड्र्न मोरि, बेइजत नै पो भयो!   गफ ठुलो एउटा पन्डितको … Continue reading मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ?