It’s Raining Oranges! (Part -1)

"How should I peel an orange? what'd be the correct way of making the last conversation with her? Why do I keep seeing huge penguins in my dream even though I've never  seen a  penguin in my real life?"I asked myself, while she was telling something about how her friends would never agree with her.The last … Continue reading It’s Raining Oranges! (Part -1)


It’s All A Dream!

What if I tell you that, this big ass life you are" living" is a dream ,a dream you believe to live,a dream about being a person.All your feelings all your emotions ,hate,love is just one thing ,one dream.   A dream full of ego,and disillusion.A dream, that grows a bigger monster , longer it … Continue reading It’s All A Dream!

मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ?

हात हेर्ने बाबा , माडेर गरे सफा हात को रेखा देखाए, बाबा परेछ हावा|   कुर्कुचाको डल्लो मुनी , मासुको मुसा मुख चोसो बहुनको , नाक होकि केराको कोसा |   मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ठुलो रेखा र भाग्यको कुरो, छेउ मै बसी गोरि, मोड्र्न मोरि, बेइजत नै पो भयो!   गफ ठुलो एउटा पन्डितको … Continue reading मेरो ठुलो कि तिम्रो ?


I Facebook up everyday, early in the morning.Then I Facebook ,I Facebook until I flush.And then I Facebook to my college and then I Facebook my boring classes and then I Facebook while I'm at the library.I Facebook because I can Facebook.I make love on Facebook and then I sleep Until I Facebook .I set … Continue reading Socioholic!

Bad Memory!

How do you get rid of bad memories? Train your brain to knot the algorithm to where bad memory starts and ends,then train your brain to cut the knot! (use alcohol for effective result) Start working out instead of wearing out your hand ,your brain and your tiny fluffy brain! Stop following start exploring! literally! … Continue reading Bad Memory!